The Egyptian cat or Sphynx is a cat breed that belongs to the Felidae family. They are possibly the most inquisitive and unusual cat breed in the world. This is because of their striking appearance. Below we’ll share 6 fun facts about the Egyptian cat.

They have hair

The Sphynx cat is also known as the “hairless cat”; however, what few people know is that they actually do have hair. These creatures are covered by a very short, fine down that can only be noticed close-up.

They live a long time

We’ve heard many times that cats have seven lives. In the case of the Sphynx, they live a little longer than other breeds, as they can keep you company for up to twenty years.

You have to protect them from the cold and heat

They are very sensitive to extreme temperatures. This is due, as we’ve already mentioned, to their coats, as this breed’s hair is so fine it doesn’t protect fully it from cold weather or the sun’s rays. That’s why in summer it shouldn’t be directly exposed to the sun, as it can suffer serious skin irritation or sunburn.

This breed is very new

Some breeds owe their existence to humans, either as a result of crossing different breeds or mutation. The Sphynx cat originates from the seventies, because of a recessive genetic mutation of the Devon Rex cat breed. Over time the beauty of this animal was appreciated, and the decision was made to conserve it.

The perfect pets

If you’re looking for a feline companion, adopting a Sphynx is one of the best options, and those who have one know full well why. It’s an intelligent cat that shows great interest in its surroundings. Very active and playful, it will become your best friend in no time.  Furthermore, it’s very affectionate, and is considered one of the cat breeds that most loves and depends on its family. It’s true that you have to respect its space, and let it come to you, not the other way round.

They have a very fast metabolism

The last one of the 6 fun facts about the Egyptian cat is its metabolism, which is faster than that of other breeds. As a result, it has a bigger appetite than other cats, and therefore requires higher nutritional needs.

Despite this, bear in mind that the food must be specific for the breed and you should check with your vet to find out the right amount to feed your cat. If you want to feed your cat the best diet, remember that at Danna we have different ranges that adapt to your pet’s needs, because always giving only the very best is our mission.

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