Although it may seem a matter of aesthetics, correctly looking after a dog’s coat has a positive effect on their wellbeing. This is the layer that protects them from the elements and also reflects their state of health. Today we’ll show you tips for caring for your dog’s coat.

The layers

The first thing you should know is that nearly all dogs have coats made up of two layers: the protective top coat, which determines the animal’s colour and is the visible part, and the undercoat, which is denser and finer and insulates the dog’s body. But it should be noted that this all depends on the breed, as some dogs that have neither of the two coats.


Another aspect to bear in mind is that your pet’s coat passes through three different stages over the year. First, the growth phase, followed by a transition phase, occurring in spring and autumn and marked by moulting (when dogs need grooming more frequently); and a rest phase.

Types of coat

Now that you know all of this, it’s very important to identify your dog’s coat type so you can provide the most suitable care.

  • If your pet has short, smooth hair, looking after her coat will be much easier: a bath every six weeks will suffice, and daily brushing isn’t necessary. Furthermore, when grooming these dogs, make sure you’re using a soft brush to avoid damaging the skin.
  • If your pet is rough-coated, it’s best to brush daily to get rid of dead fur. Regarding baths, once every 3 or 4 weeks is recommended.
  • If your four-legged buddy has a long coat, it’s very important to groom him daily and bath him monthly. This type of fur is prone to tangling, so a conditioning shampoo is the perfect choice to make hair maintenance a little easier.

Regardless of your dog’s type of coat, one thing you must never do is brush him when it’s wet or damp.  Although it may seem like a good idea, the only thing you’ll achieve is making the process bothersome and even painful, as it will be more difficult to brush out knots.

You now know everything you need to do to keep your dog’s coat in top shape! If you follow these tips about caring for your dog’s coat, in addition to providing a suitable diet, sufficient exercise, etc., good health and optimal care will result in a shiny coat worth flaunting.

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