You must all have seen one of the most adorable dogs on the planet – the Yorkshire Terrier or Yorkie. It’s named after Yorkshire, the English county the breed originated in during Victorian times. They are characterised by being small dogs with fairly long hair covering the whole body. Below we’ll share some tips for caring for the Yorkshire terrier.


Like other breeds, the Yorkshire Terrier is prone to illnesses. Nevertheless, you have to take into account that these dogs are usually healthy.

Their weak point is their teeth, as they are prone to develop tartar. To avoid this, cleaning their teeth frequently with a specific toothpaste is necessary.

What you should bear in mind is that, above all in females, if they weigh less than 2 kg, breeding isn’t advisable, as it could cause pose a health risk for the future mother.


As we mentioned earlier, this kind of dog has fairly long hair, so frequent grooming is necessary to prevent knots from forming.

If the coat is too long, trimming is recommended to reduce the weight of the coat and to aid movement by preventing it getting caught up in its long tresses.


Also because of its coat, this is one of the dog breeds that needs most frequent bathing. To prevent odour and to keep the coat in tip-top condition, bathing the dog twice a month is recommended. This depends on the dog, and always use a special shampoo.

Drying the coat is also important, and should be done with a hair dryer to prevent your pooch from getting damp patches, and make sure you remove tangles with a comb. If you don’t have time to do it yourself, visit your dog groomer.


Another point to pay attention to in caring for your Yorkie is exercise. Although these are small dogs, they’re full of energy, and need to let off steam through exercise. That’s why apart from daily walks, giving him plenty of chances to run and play is recommended. Remember, a tired dog is a happy dog.


The daily amount of food a Yorkie needs depends on different factors – like age, weight and level of activity. Asking your vet for advice on how much to feed your fluffball is recommended.

It’s important to maintain a balanced and adequate diet for your pooch to avoid obesity issues, as this is a cause for concern for a such a small dog. Furthermore, if you want the best nutritional health for your dog, at Danna we have the best food range with the highest quality to ensure your furry companion is well nourished.

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