All dogs need general care, regardless of their breed or other characteristics. However, if your pet belongs to the smaller size group, you must pay special attention to a series of factors that differentiate them from the large and medium-sized ones. For this reason, today we’ll focus on providing a series of tips for the care of small dogs.

Small dogs are those that weigh between 5 and 15 kilos. Because of their size and ability to live comfortably in smaller homes, they’re becoming very popular.

But we must bear in mind they have different care requirements than larger dogs, especially in the following aspects:

  • The layer of fat under their skin is very thin, so they’re more sensitive to extreme temperatures. If they don’t have thick coats, they have an increased risk of temperature loss. To avoid this, we must keep them warm in winter and hydrated and out of the hot sun in summer.
  • They have very fast metabolisms, so they need to eat more often and consume more calories than larger dogs. We must always opt for quality food adapted to their nutritional needs. It’s also recommended dividing their meals into several servings to regulate blood sugar.
  • It’s better to offer them toys of a suitable size for their mouths, in order to prevent injuries when biting them.
  • We must pay attention to their heart health, as they’re very prone to cardiac problems. With age, this organ weakens and doesn’t pump efficiently. This happens, above all, in dogs aged ten and older. But it’s always important to watch out for possible symptoms, such as excessive panting.
  • Small dogs are also more likely to suffer dental problems, and that’s why we must brush their teeth frequently. In addition, be on the lookout for indicators such as bad breath, bleeding gums or signs of discomfort when chewing or when we check their mouths.
  • And if they live inside the house, it’s important to cut their claws regularly. This is necessary because, as they do not spend much time outdoors, their options for natural wear and tear are greatly reduced.

Finally, and as advice applicable to any type of dog, annual visits to the vet are always recommended.

By keeping all this in mind, we will be one step closer to ensuring that our little companion enjoys a healthy and happy life.

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