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When selecting your cat’s feed, the aim is to provide the necessary daily energy and nutrients to guarantee his health, activity and longevity. 


Cats have specific requirements for proteins, amino acids, fats, and other nutrients. These vary depending on the physiological state, activity level and age of the animal. Fostering correct development during the growing stages and maintaining appropriate body weight and condition throughout adulthood is fundamental in achieving these goals.

As carnivores, cats need a considerable protein intake, preferably from animal products, meat, fish, eggs or poultry to strengthen their immune systems. Protein also provide three essential nutrients for cats: taurine for the heart and eyesight, arachidonic acid for skin and coat health, and vitamin A for coat and eyesight.

If your cat doesn’t ingest the proteins he needs, it can affect his growth, lead to a loss of muscle mass, cause poor coat condition and increase the risk of infections due to a weak immune system.

These ingredients have high digestibility; in other words, the protein is easily absorbed by cats’ bodies and is adequately utilised by the body. In contrast, plant sources of protein do not supply all the essential amino acids, which can cause problems for cat health due to deficiency.

Although cats were originally desert animals and, due to this, they can withhold urine for quite a long time, water is essential for them. If they don’t drink enough daily, they can have bladder problems or cystitis. Make sure your cat has fresh, clean water available at all times in a bowl.

The quantity of food you should offer your cat will depend on his breed, level of physical activity and lifestyle. A good idea is following the instructions on the package, taking into account that they are rough guidelines. The quantity of food needed will vary from one cat to another, depending on size, activity, etc.

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