Training a puppy to go to the toilet in a specific place is essential to avoid future problems. Here’s a simple guideline on toilet training your puppy. ️

Dogs, like wolves, instinctively learn as puppies to leave the den to relieve themselves. This allows them to keep their home clean, prevent diseases and reduce the smell that can alert their enemies. This canine instinct is the one that must be harnessed to teach the puppy to go to the toilet outside the home.

The puppy must have his own area, a place at a distance from its food and water, and also his bed. The corner must always be the same and needs to be lined with newspaper or pads. It’s a matter of placing the newspaper at the spot where he urinates or defecates for the first time. This process takes time and can test your patience. With a puppy, this training works best by taking him outside frequently and waiting for him to go to the toilet. It’s important to take the dog out as often as possible. Only then will you achieve your goal.

A dog usually needs to go to the toilet after eating and drinking, when waking up, or after playing, so, if possible, it’s best to adapt outings to these moments in which the dog is more predisposed. Until the age of 3 months, ideally this can be every hour or 2. However, older puppies should be able to last 3 to 4 hours.

If the dog goes to the toilet in the right place, it must be rewarded with caresses, verbal congratulations and some specific dog treat.

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