Anyone who has a pet cat is well aware that one of their favourite activities is sleeping. But how do cats really sleep? Do they sleep like people do? Or like other animals? Below, we’ll share some insights into the curious sleeping habits of cats.

They sleep most of the day

And when we say most, we mean more than half the hours in a day. A pet cat spends on average 15 hours sleeping, either for long stretches or short naps. This time can increase in young or senior cats, which sleep even more than adult cats.

They are nocturnal animals

That is, they sleep mostly during the day. This fact is very important if you want your cat to sleep with you. These animals have different timetables to us, and they are mostly active at dawn and dusk. Therefore, your cat may be awake when you aren’t, thus disrupting your sleep cycle.

They hardly ever sleep soundly

Despite the fact they spend many hours sleeping, cats only fall into a deep sleep for one out of every four hours. During these periods, although they are sleeping, their brains maintain the same activity as when they are awake. The rest of their sleeping time is spent in a light slumber lasting just minutes.

They love sleeping in warm spots

As their body temperature drops during sleep, cats tend to choose the warmest place they can find to sleep. That’s why at times they sleep on our laps, which are warm and provide them with a comfy resting spot. But in general, they choose sheltered places where they feel safer.

Some cats snore

The answer is clearly yes. Some cats do this when they’re in deep sleep cycles. This happens in overweight cats or in certain flat-faced breeds, like Persians.

In short, we can conclude that proper rest is vitally important to cats. For this reason, if any changes in their sleeping habits are detected, a visit to the vet is recommended. If your cat is sleeping more than normal or sleeping less, it may be a sign something is amiss.

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