Although most dogs have a coat that helps them to maintain their body temperature and protects against low temperatures, it’s never a bad idea to give your pet some extra care as winter approaches. This is particularly important when dealing with a small or senior dog. Below we’ll share some tips with you on how to protect your dog against the cold weather.

Avoid sharp temperature changes

Just like with people, drastic temperature changes can be harmful for your pet’s health. This can happen when you have heating on indoors and then take him out for a walk. It’s recommended turning heaters off about 15 minutes before going out so his body can gradually adjust to the cold outside. This way we can prevent him from catching a cold.

Protect their paws

The use of salts and other products to melt ice or snow on the streets is not uncommon, and these can damage dogs’ pads. That’s why when you get home after being outdoors, it’s highly recommended that you make sure you dry them well, and that there’s no dampness, which can cause colds and other illnesses.

Keep them wrapped up

A jumper or comfy jacket that offers freedom of movement may add extra protection for your pet when going out for a walk on a cold day. In addition, a raincoat is also a very good idea on rainy days. This is particularly important for dogs with short or fine coats.

Make sure they have a suitable sleeping place

During the winter months, dogs spend more time indoors. That’s why adapting his sleeping corner to indoor temperatures is a great idea. We must ensure he’s not near cold draughts, that he has a padded bed suitable for his size and, if necessary, a blanket or something else to help keep warm.

Pay attention to feeding

This is something you should always do, but it’s even more important when it’s vital for your pet to be able to maintain energy and heat. In this way, we will ensure their immune systems are in top condition and they don’t get sick.

Symptoms such as sleepiness, shaking, muscle stiffness or dry skin are signs your doggy pal is feeling cold. Pay attention to these signs, apply the above tips and you can be sure that you’ll know how to protect your dog against the cold. This way, your pet will enjoy the winter as much as the rest of the year.

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