Just like us, dogs need regular physical exercise to keep physically and mentally fit. Today we´ll talk about the importance of exercise in dogs and share some tips on practising sport with them.

First and foremost, leading an active life will keep your pet in good shape and healthy and strong, thus preventing obesity, and their bones, muscles and joints will be in tip-top condition, making them less prone to certain illnesses and physical problems.

Keeping moving will also help your dog feel more relaxed and calm. Sport stimulates their minds, as well as boosting learning and skill development. It’s also a very effective way to reduce canine stress and anxiety. Physical activity releases endorphins, which are the hormones that trigger a sense of wellbeing both in people and dogs.

In addition, practising sport with your dog strengthens the bond between both of you and helps to improve your relationship. Sharing a mutually enjoyable activity will enable you to spend quality time together and build confidence and communication.

It helps to prevent behaviour problems, as dogs that exercise regularly are usually calmer and less likely to develop antisocial traits such as boredom, aggression or destructiveness.

Some popular sports for dogs include agility, frisbee, flyball, canicross, hiking and swimming. It’s important to adapt the sport to the dog’s needs and abilities, and that you practice it in a safe and proper manner. Check with your vet before starting any intense physical activity with your dog.

Sticking to a routine and building up an activity gradually is particularly beneficial for our dear friends. Taking a moment to offer them the opportunity to carry out activities in accordance with their needs and which keep them active and moving will bring multiple benefits to both our pets and ourselves.

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