It’s usually dogs that get taken out for walks everyday around the world, but we must all have wondered at times, can you also do this with a cat? Below we’ll explain some points to take into account if you want to walk your cat outdoors before you act rashly and run the risk that the cat may be harmed.

The first thing to pay attention to if you want to start walking your cat is if she’s used to going outdoors or tends to wander off. Otherwise, if she can’t see any familiar signs of her home to make her feel secure, she could find it a stressful experience.

The next step is the harness. Before taking her out, you need to get your cat used to wearing one. To do so, it’s advisable to put it on her from time to time at home so she gets used to the feeling – that way she won’t get stressed when she goes out.

Once she’s used to the harness, your cat could already go out, but you must choose a suitable time when it’s not too busy outdoors and there’s a calming atmosphere. In addition, it’s important to let the cat explore in her own time and with complete freedom.

To choose the best harness to buy, you should see all the available kinds and find out which is the most suitable for your cat, as if the harness is too loose, she could wriggle out.

These are the different types of harness:

Figure 8 harness: Allows for freedom of movement but isn’t the most secure.

Norwegian harness: Y-shaped. They are lightweight and easy to put on, and have a padded section on the back.

Step-in harness: The safest harness for impulsive cats.

Hi-vis harness: SThe best option for walks in the dark.

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