Although cats spend many hours of the day resting, their energy levels while they’re awake can be very intense. In addition, they are very inquisitive, intelligent animals who love hunting and exploring. That’s why spending time playing is a very stimulating activity that strengthens your bond with them. Below are some of the best games for cats, and among them you might find the next activity to share with your pet.

Intelligence games

In this category we include all games that have the goal of finding a hidden prize. One example is a ball circuit, in which your pet tries to get it out using its intelligence. Through these games, your pet will be entertained while developing mental ability.

Agility games

These consist of getting your cat moving, whether by setting up a circuit with obstacles she has to overcome to receive a prize, playing catch, or laser chasing. These will help your cat stay in shape and prevent her from getting overweight.

Hunting games

Using toys like fishing rods are some of the most appealing ways of keeping a cat entertained. Something as simple as tempting her with “bait” and moving it out of reach every time she tries to catch it will keep her busy for ages, as long as from time to time you let her win.

Hide-and-seek games

A simple option is the classic hide-and-seek. In this game you have to hide somewhere in the house and then call your cat to come and find you. Once she does, you should praise her or even give her a treat.

Individual games

If unfortunately you don’t have time to spend with your cat, you can always opt for providing her with toys to play with when she’s home alone. Scratching poles, tunnels or treat dispenser toys can be a great choice. Bear in mind the age and tastes of your cat and find the most suitable for her.

Playing some of these games with your feline friends will strengthen your bond with them while improving their quality of life and wellbeing, both physical and mental. What’s more, they’re a positive way of releasing tension and aggression, and help shy cats to get used to interacting with people. Try one of the best games for cats with yours and you’ll see how they enjoy this activity.

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