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Just as important as giving our pets a proper diet is correctly storing their feed. 

We wouldn’t dream of leaving a bag of crisps open in the kitchen, and if we do so, we are aware that they will lose all their texture and flavour.  Well, the same goes for our pet food: if we don’t store it under proper conditions, it loses its properties and the quality of the food decreases in terms of nutrients, odour and taste. 

Just like our food, our pets’ food is composed mainly of organic matter, and so we must take into account aspects like humidity, temperature, light and air in its proper storage. These factors can cause food to dry out, stick together, and even mildew to form. Therefore, we must store the pet food in a dry, cool and dark place, away from direct sunlight.

1. AVOID buying more food than we actually need:

Avoid buying large bags of pet food, which we may be tempted to purchase to save money. Buy and store food for two weeks, and at most for a month. Discarding food left in the bowl after 24 hours is also recommended.

2. CHECK the best-before date

For longer, better food preservation, it is crucial to pay attention to the best-before date on the pet food bag, as it is perishable like other food. We should avoid stockpiling bags of feed, tempted by a special offer or because we want to save a few trips to the shop. By doing so we can prevent the degradation of the qualities of the food, which, although sealed, can have varying conditions. 

3. STORE the product correctly:

The best way to store the food is using the product’s own packaging, as it is designed to keep the pet food fresh and preserve its properties. This packaging usually comes with a zip system, and if not, we can close it by folding the opening and sealing with a clip, as we do with many of our food products. If we want to transfer it to another container, the latter must have suitable conditions for the proper storage of the food. There are special airtight containers made of plastic, metal or glass for storing pet food. Once open, a bag of pet food will keep for around six weeks in optimal conditions if properly sealed. And once a bag or tin of moist food is open, it should be stored in the fridge to prevent it from drying out.

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