Taking care of any dog, regardless of its characteristics, carries with it a responsibility of which we must be mindful. But the fact is that a different approach needs to be taken in caring for big dogs compared to little ones. They need more room to move around, longer exercise periods, larger quantities of food, etc. Here are some tips on how to give big dogs the best care possible.


Most large dogs are noble, good-natured animals, but it’s true that their size can intimidate both people and other dogs. That’s why it’s very important to train them and socialise them early on when they are puppies. This will ensure they are used to being surrounded by stimuli and yet continue respecting our commands.


Most big dogs are animals with lots of energy. We should invest enough time in walking and exercising them, more than we’d do with smaller dogs. Providing them with toys to keep them busy when they’re spending time inside the house is also important, and they’re less likely to damage furnishings.


These dogs are more prone to develop certain diseases, mainly those involving joints. We must pay close attention at all stages of their lives to any symptoms that indicate our pets are suffering from diseases of this type. If we detect any, it’s very important to consult with a vet without delay.


Bathing a dog is never easy, but when it’s an animal weighing over 20 kilos, it’s even more complicated.  The positive thing is that big dogs don’t need bathing as frequently as little ones. Grooming them and routinely checking their ears, eyes and teeth is enough caring for big dogs and to keep them in ship shape.


An essential part to ensuring your companion’s good health is choosing suitable kibble. Its formula should be tailored to your pet’s weight, age and nutritional needs. Furthermore, fats and proteins should be balanced to guarantee they get enough energy without getting fat. An overweight dog is more likely to suffer from bone and joint problems.

Don’t forget that at Danna we have a wide range of kibble to meet the requirements of each dog. Find the most suitable for your pet and you’ll have peace of mind knowing the ingredients are top quality.

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