It is true that the vast majority of cats are not as obedient and sociable in nature as dogs. This makes it a little more complicated to train them, but by no means impossible, as they’re very smart animals with the same capacity to learn. The key to success is using positive reinforcement as the foundations of training. Below we’ll share some tips for training your cat.

Do it in the most suitable spot and keep sessions short

All animals learn better when they feel comfortable, and cats are no different. That’s way it’s very important that the place you use for training your cat has drinking water and a litter tray available, and that there are no external distractions such as a TV on or music playing, etc. This way she’ll know you’re addressing only her. With regards to daily training sessions, they shouldn’t be too long. Otherwise the cat will get tired and stop paying attention. The ideal thing is to spend 10 to 15 minutes a day.

Give positive encouragement

Rewards are one of the most important parts of training. That’s why you should reward your cat when she performs an action well, especially at the beginning. As time passes, she can be rewarded intermittently. Furthermore, the rewards we give should be something she really likes in small quantities, and it’s important we offer variety to make sure the animal doesn’t get bored and stops paying attention.

Repeat their name

Before giving a command, you must say your kitty’s name. And for her to know what it is, you should also do this when playing with her, petting her, that way she’ll clearly know it and should associate this sound with herself.

Always use the same method

Just like repeating her name, we should always use the same method for training cats. Learning will be quicker is we follow these steps, using the same words, gestures and so on. And if you have to expose the animal to new situations, it should be gradual.

Don’t forget to play with them

Especially for active cats, play time can also be a reward. Don’t just focus on training and forget to spend time playing with your cat, as it’s an activity that she’ll enjoy and it will strengthen your bond.

It goes without saying, every cat is a world unto herself and the training you use should suit her character, but these tips for training your cat will help make the process a little simpler.

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