You’ve surely had to replace your curtains or rugs on more than one occasion, right? So you must know that those fluffballs with claws like nothing better than scratching everything. Today we’ll talk about why cats scratch and why they like it so much.

If your cat scratches, it’s logical and natural, as it’s a form of exercise and a way to mark their territory. It’s a normal, healthy habit for cats so there’s no cause for concern when you see them sharpening their claws – it’s more a case of where not why, to safeguard your furniture, rugs and curtains.

There are certain reasons why cats love scratching, and we’ll share some with you below.

Reasons why cats scratch

  • Exercise: When cats scratch, they stretch parts of their bodies like their backs and legs, which helps them to strengthen these muscles. Furthermore, they see it as a chance to pamper themselves, sharpening, cleaning and shaping their claws.
  • Territory: Cats scratch to mark their territory and feel comfortable in their environment. Visible scratch marks are a way of communicating to other cats where their territory is. Also hormones are segregated as an olfactory marker.
  • Instinct: Our cat friends instinctively claw at anything that moves. Therefore, if a surface is pleasing to touch and look at, they won’t be able to keep their paws off it. It’s important to respect your cat’s instincts, so find alternative scratching places.

A cat will always seek a natural way of sharpening her claws, so if you want to avoid scratches on furniture and upholstery, you’ll have to buy a scratching post and put it in her favourite corner.

Scratching post

These posts stop your pet from wreaking havoc on your furnishings. We’ll share some tips with you on how to redirect your cat’s scratching, and to attract her to this new toy.

  • Choose the right scratching pole for your cat. Choose a post depending on the cat’s size and weight, so she feels at home with her new toy.
  • Think about how your cat scratches. Some cats prefer to sharpen their claws horizontally and others vertically. So pay attention to your cat’s preferences.
  • Look for natural textures. Choose a stable, sturdy post covered in thick material, simulating a log or something similar. Don’t forget cats have a wild instinct and in nature sharpen their claws on trees.

Remember that not all cats are the same, it might be easy or hard to redirect your cat’s scratching habits. Be patient and follow out tips to make it a little easier for you to increase the durability of your carpets, sofas, curtains and furniture.

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